Thursday, March 31, 2011


HELLO everybody.I'd finished my G.O.P...GOP?..Whats that?.euww..hahaa..its stands for group oral presentation..seriusly I'm felt afraid as long as the G.O.P is not finished more..but now..i feel more relieved than before..eventhough the final exam is just around the corner..WOW!..the scarriest event I waitin' for..hahaa..truthly I said that, this oral presentation always disturbing my think about my final,then to think for my GOP,I can concentrate 120% for my final!(haha..can I??)..sincerely ..I feel very nervous to speak English in front of my friends..hahahaha..why hah?.erm..I have a very bad English u know..I cannot speak fluently la..hehe..I'm very lucky because my group members can do well to backup my points!..actually..each person must to speak about 4-5,each group must present about 16-20 minutes.not to long rite?..but  the nervous was controll myself to speak very fast la.but I cannot blame towards my nervous.becoz.I hate to read any English Books to improve my speaking...hehe..sometimes,I cannot understand what I'm talking about..hehe..cronic rite?..huhu..I want to introduce my group members..we're all wearing in black today...then,I want to show u,how black we're today...hehe

1 .Yazrin Afif 
2.Syimir Izaan
3.Masthura Yahaya
4.Safirah Adam


do u see how nervous I am?
dearest C3..I love u all beb!

thats all my group members. we're present about the world of blogging..hehe..and I'm present about the advantages of blogging..hehe..surely it's a simple task rite because I'm a blogger..even just a newbie..hehe..thanks to those that follow my blog..and a thousand kisses to all of u accept that?..ahaks..okey..chill everyone..have a  nice day everyday..XP


ella said...

kita pon da G.O.P ;)

Izyan Masri said...


HARYANI said...

eh korang punya GOP based on buku teks tak?

kelas aku, tiba tiba kena present seminggu awal kot.
dah la bagitau last minit, sehari b4 nak present tu. pastu problem sorang budak ni tarik diri takmau present pulak.

and the best thing is tajuk aku tu pasal heart disease.

wuuuu nasib okay je.

oh jap, ni syimir yang kawan syera tu kan? mekaceh singgah kat blog.

kthanksbye (: