Sunday, October 30, 2011


Assalamualaikum friends. How're u people?Hope all of my friends are in a good health. Why the title is depress.Why today?Why me? All the ques I cannot answer because Allah's plan is better. Firstly, today is the closing date to answer quizes in Yayasan Bank Rakyat for the shortlisted applicants. I'm the one. There are more than 7000 are shorlistd okeyy!.so many rite?  But the most things dat make me depressed was I cannot answer quizes well. If u want to know,the applicants must answer 51 ques about Bank rakyat,math,english and history for about 30 minutes only and it is only one TRY to answer the quizes. They don't responsible when our wifi is low in connection or anything else. When I was answering the questions,my cafe's wifi was very low and the link is broken!...OMG.. I kept trying but as I said before,there're only 1 one try each applicant. Aduii.. I feel very depressed now. I have missed my only chance to get scholarship. My hope is only one. To lessen my parents' burden. Ya Allah. I know You have a better plan for me.Just that.

I'm sorry.Maybe I'm just wasting your time.But I don't know how to express my feeling. Maybe wif blogging I can make my feeling better. But somehow,I want to go out from IIUM for a while.maybe BOWLING jom!.

tata.make a smile always.dis advice is specially dedicated to ME.of coz.

saya nak cuba scholarship yg lain. tanak susahkan mak ayah lagik. cukuplah setakat ini.
sumpah sedih bai. take care u'olls.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some More...

Assalamualaikum,everybody.As u read the title,start from next week,I will sit for my quizes and exams.I feel quite excited to answer the quiz of ARABIC especially..haha.I felt like I'm still in secondary school like 4 years ago.Act,I feel very boring to learn just some languages now..erh..eventhough,I still feel happy with my classmates and teachers here.They're very cool yoo..but I'm missing to study Mathematics and Physics,I think so.But the most subject I miss is MATHEMATICS. Since school,I like to learn it,because it's very challenging.It make us to use our mind completely. I'll try harder to get the answer.It's my interest.But now,I must forget about that,becoz I must concentrate with EPT and then,I can exit to kuliyyah.

In EPT,I have reading,writing,and speaking test.The marking is something like IELTS I think,becoz the highest band is Band 9. To exit to kuliyyah,I must get at least band 5.5 for each test, and overall band is Band 6. Therefore,I must get one band 6 at least and the other band 5.5 to exit to kuliyyah. The most I worry about is speaking test. It's  litte bit different with Muet speaking test, becoz in EPT speaking test,I just get the title of the forum,and the 4 of us will discuss it either we agree or not. To make it fair,we must divide the team into 2,one group agree with the statement and the other vise versa.

Okey,maybe we can meet another time.It's quite late at night.I want to take a rest before the day starting tomorrow. Just one advice,If u know someone that want to study at IIUM,make sure he/she is very good in English or he/she will get the same thing happened to me. It's not to afraid anyone,but its as a awareness. Fortunately, graduates from UIA know Arabic and they also good in English too.It's our advantages :)
keep smile and visit my blog if u want to know some more about IIUM.

Monday, October 3, 2011


sorry i missed the moment when updating my blog at KK12,UM..
cuurently on my bed,updating my blog.
if u want to know lah.

 Now,I'm a student of IIUM
a new journey that I MUST go through..
at least, 4 years.
in Bachelor of Automotive Engineering (Mechanical)
why i said at least 4 years?

becoz,i'm currently in CELPAD
studying language..
CELPAD means Center for Language and Pre-University Academic Development

why i'm there?
becoz,i had failed both exams,EPT & APT during Ta'aruf Week
what's that?
EPT- English Placement Test
APT-Arabic Placement Test
I'm actually not failed the test..just not satisfied their requirement to exit to kuliyyah..
so,for this semester,i just learn English and Arabic
and i add more subject,Bahasa Melayu for Engineering,
sounds great rite,BM for Engineering..but I study History at that class...
so,I must extend my years of study to 9 semester including this semester..
it's such an annoyying things maa...
but,I'm already accept the fate..
Allah have His own reason to do that..

so,I enjoy my life at IIUM
certain time.hehe
sometimes not.
especially on weekends,becoz.its kinda too boring for me
to just stay in my room.
its near to Subuh now.
maybe,next time,I can story more about my life in IIUM.
smile owez :)